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CaWren Customs

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Only the Finest

Precious metals and geniuine stones are the heart of our brand because you deserve adornment as fine as you are. Our fine and semi-fine collections, made from gold, silver, and natural or lab created stones are made to last.

Gold for the outside to compliment what's already within you.

Our brand is built on transparency, jewelry education, and uniform pricing. We provide chart pricing so you know exactly what you are buying and the vaule behind it. Feel confident in your purchasing knowing you never have to haggel pricing or question the material.

An honest jeweler you can trust.

We are devoted to producing jewelry customers can feel good about and crafting a personalized experience. Each piece is made to order, hand selected and/or hand set. Whether shopping our designs or creating something of your own , our jewelry specialists are committed to you.

We design jewelry, and our customers do too.

Made To Be Meaningful

What it Means: Why does gold come in different colors?

Rose gold? White gold? How do they do it? Is it even really gold? If you've had any of these questions you'll want to read this post.

What it Means: Gold Karats

Ever wonder what's the difference between 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k gold? We have the answers.

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